Investor Relations

"You don’t need an Agency in London to get Coverage in Financial Times"

For over 15 years, CGP Europe has been organizing financial coverage for its publicly traded and privately held clients.

Strongly connected with analysts, financial groups and financial/economic media, CGP Europe leads a targeted and accurate financial information flow to the European financial community, and beyond.

CGP Europe’s services are threefold:

    • IR for publicly traded companies: selected partners allow CGP Europe to manage the information flow to the financial community. As well as legal requirements, CGP Europe emphasizes new developments, opportunities and covers special events such as road shows, creating an awareness of our clients’ performance in the financial community.


    • IPO and Pre-IPO financial relations: No one can expect to be known from day one in such a competitive environment.  A successful IR policy has to be carefully prepared and has to start ahead of time. CGP Europe enters the game as early as the IPO process starts. Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of financial markets, and the support of the Investment Bank WCI Ltd. (Partner of CGP Europe), we contribute to the process by informing and mobilizing the financial community before, during and after the IPO.


  • FI (Financial Information): privately held companies also have the need for a structured information process. Whilst preparing a move in their portfolio or raising new money, Investment Funds are keen to communicate to the financial community. Even though this communication is quite subtle and well targeted, it creates a mandatory awareness on decision-makers, therefore opening the way to mergers, acquisitions, trade sales, capital increases, as well as other operations of this kind.